Anonymous generosity

On YouTube, there is a trend of travelers giving generous tips to people in front of the camera or gifting them with donations.

It seems an effective tactic to get more likes and subscribers by signaling generosity. Sometimes you see a similar pattern on TV when someone calls to a show announcing that they are donating a ridiculous amount of money to support X and on behalf of Y—which is usually a well-known business.

I feel great for the donee, but I always take these things with a grain of salt. You never can say if they do it because they believe in the cause or to promote themselves. When people donate in front of the camera, I wonder if they would act likewise when the REC button is off.

You are what you do when people aren't looking. It's beautiful when subject A gives something to subject B for nothing in return and without making it public. Anonymous generosity is what differentiate humans from another kind of species.

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