On being average

I'm an average man approaching the 30 years old mark. I graduated from engineering college in 6 years, average grades, went to the corporate world, I was so disgusting average, quitted the corporate world after a year to create my own thing, I couldn't do it, I moved back to my parents, entered the corporate world again and, surprisingly, I was still average.

Years were passing by, my projects were far from successful. They were failing. They still are.

If you see my face, you won't remember me, because I usually get unnoticed. I'm an introvert, so not a lot of friendships, less than five I would say. Luckily I got a girlfriend. She says I'm special for her, but I'm kind of sad for her because I'm the best she could get, an average quasi 30-year-old man. When I swim, I swim at an average pace, when I run, I do it at an average pace, I played good football when I was a kid, but I quitted, and now, if I play, I do it below average.

I applied for a job at Amazon as a software engineer. I didn't pass the first test. I applied for a software engineer position at Google, they didn't call me either. If I go to someone I like and I tell him/her how much I admire his/her work, he/she will look at me with disgust in the face and will make as nothing happened.

Luckily, they forget my face quickly, it's the best thing about being average. Embarrassment never lasts, because you are used to it. You are free to say whatever you want, because who cares. Nobody will read your articles, because who gives a shit. That's the best thing about being a nobody: freedom. So being average is not as bad; from one out of ten, I would rate it with a five.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.