Let me choose, please


Going by taxi to the airport a few days ago. The taxi driver is playing the radio at a high volume. Should I tell him to lower the volume? If I did, he would think I'm a douche. So I decided not to say anything. The result was an uncomfortable ride to the airport.

Things I wish would happen?

—Sir, I turn off the radio by default on this taxi. You can connect your phone to the car's Bluetooth to hear some music if you wish. Bluetooth ID is in the backseat.


On the plane going back home, I'm freezing (as a hot-natured person), even by using the complimentary blanket. I bet that the people using jackets on the plane are freezing too. Should I say it to the cabin crew? If I did, they would think I'm the typical annoying passenger. So I choose not to say anything and have an unpleasant flight.

Things I wish would happen?

—Dear passengers, on the tablet in front of you, you can select the desired temperature. We are calculating the average temperature of each of you in real-time, and we are setting it as the cabin temperature.


At a well-known Thai shop, the seller is following us around, trying to help, but making us uncomfortable. We left the shop without finding what we were looking for, and without buying anything.

Things I wish would happen?

—Dear customers, if you wish to be attended, press the HELP button on the shelves and our staff will be happy to help.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.