Corrupted morality

This week has been intense. Meta stock dropped by ~25% after announcing that they are losing users for the first time in history. Meanwhile, TikTok is stealing attention from Zuckerberg's conglomerate, and, to be honest, I don't see how VR glasses can regain it back in the future. Especially when the gadget inventor is a company whose trust tends to zero.

Spotify also lost 2 billion after Joe Rogan's controversy. Neil Young abandoned the platform accusing The Joe Rogan Experience of misinformation. It's weird to see Joe Rogan apologizing for inviting people and having conversations. His show is about casual talking. The audience isn't there because of Rogan being a scientific source of truth, but because he is an enjoyable conversationalist. It's refreshing to hear someone non-scripted on media.

He later apologized, but after closing the multimillion deal with Spotify a couple of years ago and with so much money on the table, it's difficult to say if his apologies were sincere. I still don't understand why he gave up his independence for a big corporation. From Joe Rogan, I expect the biggest fuck your money attitude in the media business. Before starting at Spotify, he was wealthy and well-known. He didn't need more money or recognition.

On the other hand, you can't accuse someone of being morally wrong without an immaculate history. Well, it seems that you can find Neil Young's music at Amazon, which is also a morally questioned company. With so many interests in play, I'm not sure why Neil Young would want such a scandal. As a reputable artist, he could close the door to Spotify without telling the utter motives. But, hey, I guess that there is no such a thing as bad publicity.

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