Yesterday I was reading a post from someone who wrote about disappearing from social media.

I always wonder what is in the mind of people who disappear from social media. Do they still live? What are they doing now? Why they suddenly quit and move on?

From the last years, I've learned that social media feels good when there are not many people around. When friends, relatives, or family begin to join, it's not fun anymore and a feeling of disgust invades my body.

It's harsh to say it, but social media makes me dislike people in the long run.

I was happy when Instagram was the underdog and it was a bunch of anonymous people posting photos of random things. If I go to Instagram now, it has become a constant reminder of how perfectly (fake) lives of people are.

I'm convinced that if you follow me, you will hate me in the long run as well. Everyone is biased towards something. Some people are narcissistic after posting 1000 selfies, some people can't stop to brag about their new toys, some people can't stop posting on how great their social life is, some people can't stop posting about their boring travels and typical travel photos that everyone has. The list goes on and on.

Maybe I don't notice it, but I'm in one of these categories and every post I publish about one of my obsessions is one step further to annoy someone.

Sometimes, I want to disappear from social media because I don't want to feel pressured of doing something only to share it. I don't want to go to some random place to have a photo. I want to do things genuinely, whether they look nice on social media or not.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.