Fear of launching

I bought the domain of Tiempone on 3rd February. 8 months have passed by since then and the app didn't get any users. Zero.

This makes me feel bad.

The reality is that I'm afraid to show the app in HN or PH because I'm terrified of rejection. On my mind, I imagine software engineers saying that this another time tracking app, that the Pomodoro technique is boring as fuck, and productivity apps are outdated.

I didn't build the app to be more productive or to force people to hustle. I built it because it's interesting to know the time spent on every project you're working on. At the same time, checking your mood on a daily basis is an indicator of things going in the right direction.

Do people like landing pages?

There are some weird things on this website that I wanted to try. For example, if you enter the site, you won't see a landing page, people can try the app directly, without reading.

This is a personal preference.

I enjoy apps like that, you enter the site and you don't read any marketing bullshit, you just start to play. Maybe I'm totally wrong in this assumption and users prefer the classic landing website approach.

What can I do differently?

Anyways, stop moaning, this year is hard for everyone.

So, if I don't want to publish the app in HN or PH because I'm a chicken, what can I do differently?

During the last months, I've been writing on this blog on a daily basis. Traffic is increasing little by little and at this moment the blog is getting ~200 unique daily users.

This website hasn't Google Analytics installed because it's a loss of time. But... as most of my articles are code snippets, I guess that users are mostly software engineers.

I don't want to annoy users forcing them to use the app, but maybe it'll be interesting to put a link at the end of each article? Would they consider that spammy? Will they hate me for that? Maybe I should post more frequently about the app?

Should I write about the journey of Tiempone on a separate blog?

I'll use this article to check if someone is interested in the journey of Tiempone. If you are reading until the end of the article and are interested, feel free to hit the (🎉) button at the beginning of the article.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.