About Firebase project limits

A few days ago, I was trying to upgrade one of my projects to a Blaze account when I got the following error:

You have reached the maximum number of projects attached to this billing account. Request an increase in your billing quota if you need to enable billing on additional projects.

I went to Google Cloud Platform to check how many projects did I have as billing projects; I saw that I had a total of 9 Firebase projects, and only 4 of those were billable.

There aren't any official numbers on how many projects you can manage simultaneously. However, I think I was able to manage more than four billable projects in the past. 🤔

Pending to delete

The problem is that I have some projects as pending to delete:

  1. Project A (shut down on 01/12/2020 and billable)
  2. Project B (shut down on 27/11/2020 and billable)
  3. Project C (shut down on 25/11/2020 and billable)

Per documentation:

After approximately 30 days, the project will be fully deleted. To stop this process during the 30-day period

Perhaps I need to wait a few days—until the end of the month—to be able to projects to a Blaze account. As I'm not quite sure, I will retry again in a few days. Let's have some patience.

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