How to get the parameters from a URL in JavaScript

Let's assume that we want to read the parameters of the following URL:

The aim is to assign them to an object:

// Reading the full URL
let url = window.location.href;

// Getting the string after the '?'
// 'name=Erik&city=Barcelona'
let str = url.split('?')[1];

// Splitting the string if '&'
// ['name=Erik', 'city=Barcelona']
let arr = str.split('&');

// Resplitting every string of the array if '='
// [['name', 'Erik'], ['city', 'Barcelona']]
let entries = => [str.split('=')[0], str.split('=')[1]]);

// Transforming array of arrays into an object
let object = Object.fromEntries(entries);

//{name: "Erik", city: "Barcelona"}

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