Google stopped crawling

A few weeks ago, Google stopped crawling on this website. It happened when I renamed two internal pages:

  1. /articles/blog
  2. /kpis/about

As you can see in the graph, there is a flat line at the beginning of September (Google stopped crawling at 150 pages):

Google Search Console graph stopped crawling

I realized two things:

  1. I didn't redirect the old URLs to the new ones
  2. The total indexed pages wasn't equal to the total number of articles published

A few days ago, I redirected both URLs (301 redirect) and created an xml sitemap. Then, I uploaded the URL of the sitemap to the Search Console.

Two days after, Google indexed both URLs (/blog and /about).

Even after uploading the sitemap, Google Search Console data displays a 73 pages exclusion:

Google excluding some pages

But if I search this website in Google typing, there are 216 indexed pages (a number equal to the current articles published so far):


The conclusion is that there is an inconsistency between Google search results and Google Search Console data. I might be patient to see consolidated data.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.