How to know if a device is mobile using React

Nowadays, it's difficult to determine whether a device is mobile or not. Screen size is not a reliable data point, since there are smartphones with viewports greater than 768 px when you turn them horizontally (e.g. iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note).

We'll consider mobile devices, those with multiple touchpoints on the screen (some laptops will be included in this category as well).

We're going to check maxTouchPoints or msMaxTouchPoints. If one of these parameters is greater than 1, we'll consider the device (to be) mobile.

Let's define the function in JavaScript:

let isMobile = navigator.maxTouchPoints > 0 || navigator.msMaxTouchPoints > 0;

Now, we can take use the piece of code in React:

import React, { useEffect, useState } from 'react';

const App = () => {
    const [isMobile, setIsMobile] = useState(null);
    useEffect(() => {
        setIsMobile(navigator.maxTouchPoints > 0 || navigator.msMaxTouchPoints > 0);
    }, [])
            {isMobile ? 'Mobile device' : 'No mobile device'}


export default App;

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