Knowledge is the best marketing

You need to share everything you learn, even if you think that you can't write anything original about a topic. That doesn't mean that you need to be a plagiarist. Quote and reference people who helped you along the way. Then write about what process did you follow and how did you achieve your goal.

You may think that you aren't original, but your words, your pictures, or videos are.

For example, you like to consume interviews of people that you admire in different programs. The content may be similar, but the context is different. Football is the same game, and follows the same rules over and over. But every match differs from the previous one. Two football matches with identical results don't mean that the games were replicas.

As a creator, your greatest weapon is your context, impossible to replicate for other people. As your experiences are different from every other human being, so it's your knowledge.

Sometimes you devaluate your creations, thinking that they aren't good enough. Hold on, can you reflect on how many times have you benefited from random people sharing their knowledge? What if they thought that they weren't worth sharing?

The time that you needed to repair your fan in your laptop and a random dude solved your question on a Russian forum. Or the time that you watched the YouTube video to fix the toilet and a guy from Chile had the answer.

Look, you don't lose anything by sharing your knowledge. The worst-case scenario is that nobody will consume it, and the best-case is that you'll be helpful to other people. You are a solo creator, and you can't hire a marketing team to promote your products. People will get interested in you when to help them to solve a real problem.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.