Learning something new

One of the goals of this year is to learn how to speak Thai. The idea is that I can speak it fluently before traveling back to Thailand. 😅

I'll self-teach me, and I hope that Jaruwan helps me along the way.

On one hand, the Thai language has different tones for a word (with distinct meaning). At this point, my ears can't distinguish the difference between similar sounds. On the other hand, the Thai alphabet scares me; I assume that reading Thai will take some time.

This is the first time I learn a language by myself. I'll try different things, but the general idea that I've in mind is:

  1. Learn basic sentences (no grammar)
  2. Watch Thai series (with English subtitles)
  3. Do small talk with Jaruwan everyday

I'll try to mirror how a child learns a language but putting some effort.

In parallel, I decided that I'll learn a new JavaScript framework since I've been developing with React since 2017. I don't know why, but Vue.js has caught my attention.

TL;DR: I'll teach myself Thai, I'll create a website using Vue.js, and open source the whole project.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.