How to transform a location into latitude and longitud coordinates in JavaScript

In JavaScript you can get the coordinates of a location using Nominatim's API (open-source geocoding API).


// In this example, we will assume that top level await is implemented
// First, let's define the address; it can be a text from an input
let address = 'Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 162'

// Let's replace the spaces by '+' signs to perform the query
let query = address.split(' ').join('+')

// Gets the response in JSON format
let response = await fetch(`${query}&format=jsonv2`)

// At this point we'll have an array of n suggestions
let suggestions = await response.json()

// In this example, you take the first coordinates
let lat = suggestions[0]?.lat
let lon = suggestions[0]?.lon

console.log(lat, lon)
// 41.3667655 2.1385636

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