Mild jokes can become gigantic if you are emotionally damaged. A bland sentence can become unbearable if you don't distance yourself from it. If you are in a bad state of mind, don't react. Violence isn't justified, and it'll damage you in the long run. Leave the place if you are distressed; remember that they are just words. It's easier said than done, especially when you feel that you are losing control of your emotions. Don't try to be a public hero, do the right thing when nobody is watching.

We all have weaknesses and flaws. They define us and make us human. Only when you try to hide them do they become repugnant. Something that you find ugly, other people might find attractive.

You can't fit in moulds, job descriptions, or expectations from other people. You can have a certain degree of adaptability but embrace your essence. Uniqueness implies that you'll have virtues and weaknesses. Some people will adore the former, some others will detest the latter, and vice versa.

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