A non-related engineering job

I haven't been writing a single line of code for one month. I barely have worked on my projects during that time; the reason is that I've been working on a non-related engineering job. 😲

When I ran out of money two years ago, I came back to Barcelona, and I applied to multiple job offers; most of them were software engineering related. I also reckoned that working at the library would be a good fit for a potential writer. The reason was that I thought that having such a job would allow me to write in my free time. I applied to an exam with thousands of people to be part of the library, and I got a good mark, but things at the City Hall move slowly.

Eventually, I served as Traffic Management Engineer, and I forgot about working at the library—or being a writer. I went back to Thailand after saving some money, came back later on because of the pandemic, and two years later, here I am, sitting at the library.

Working at the library is kind of weird: no meetings, no emails, no thinking about the job after clocking out, no extra time, no deadlines, and no pressure.

In terms of salary, it's not much different than when I was a Traffic Management Engineer. The most complicated part is interacting with people; they are unpredictable, and sometimes I'm afraid about their reactions towards me.

The job is pretty monotonous, to be honest, I reckon that is the most boring job I've ever had. As I don't have any VC backing up my projects, working at the library is like raising money again to run Nomoresheet, Jsonmatic, Tiempone, and this site. Furthermore, working with non-technical people allows me to know where they struggle when using computers, and I have some great apps that I can build.

I have a one-month contract, but they have extended it for two weeks more. Next week I'll get my second jab, and I reckon Thailand will reopen at the end of October. I'm anxious to go back and to see Jaruwan again. I'm also looking forward to dedicating more time to JavaScript. Step by step!

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.