When nothing seems to work

Two days ago I launched tabloner (spanish version only). This is the last of my 5 active projects (8 are already kaputt).

When I stop to reflect why I have such amount of projects that didn't work, I feel bad about myself. Maybe I am choosing the wrong path in my life/career? Maybe it's the wrong approach to launch projects continously expecting one of them will get traction?

I don't know.

Some people say that, when you don't have anything, you need to run through ideas quickly. If one project doesn't get traction in a reasonably period of time, then it's time to move on and build a new thing. And so on.

The problem is that repeating something that isn't working, doesn't increase the chances to make it right in the future. 😩

What I want

The goals to work as an independent developer are:

  • Working on 1 main project.
  • Helping people while getting paid for it.
  • Being location independent.
  • Living without distractions and working in focused periods of time
  • No meetings and no phone calls.

I would be happy with a salary of a junior developer (~25.000 eur/year) but, honestly, I am really far from it.

What I think I need to do

I started building things and, like most developers, I didn't charge money for them. First step is to charge for everything I do. If people want to pay for somehting, it means that they need it and that I am being useful to them. 😄

I need to change my mind and begin to think that money isn't evil and that getting paid for my projects, isn't bad.

When I go to a small restaurant, I am happy to pay the owner for the meal, so why on internet isn't the same?

Sometimes I feel embarrassed to put price on things. I have this idea that on internet all should be free. But it isn't. Big companies have VC money to spend. I haven't and I am not a big company, so I need money to survive.

Trying new things

I am an introvert. I struggle to talk to people. I feel like doing aggressive marketing or asking for an e-mail isn't the correct way to do things. If I don't like it, why I should do it to other people?

But maybe I should try different things with respect to that area. Maybe I should try to write more about the things that I am doing. Or sharing more often the progress of the things I do.

Let's keep experimenting.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.