On saying no

On Thursday, I got a call from my last employer to offer me a position plus new conditions. At first, I was excited about the offer, but I always let pass a few hours to let things cool down.

I went to the swimming pool, which is the only place where I don't have a screen, and after a while, I decided that it wasn't a great idea to go back again. That would be the third time returning.

Some time has passed since I quit, and I don't regret it, to be honest. I kind of doubt if it was a great idea to went back at Christmas.

I talked to some family members explaining why I won't take the offer. Sometimes you need to let things pass. Even if they seem good on the surface, my gut told me that it wasn't a great idea.

I need money like everyone, but I've saved an amount to go back to Thailand again and try new things. Time to move on.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.