How to set state inside a map function in React

Let's suppose that we have a component that counts the total money of a group of people:

import React, { useEffect, useState } from 'react';

const totalMoney = () => {
    const [total, setTotal] = useState(0);
    // Data could be an external json, but let's take a simple example
    // BTW: I don't have anything to do compared to these big fishes 😝
    let people = {
        'Erik':  {money: 2500},
        'Musk':  {money: 350000000},
        'Bezos': {money: 450000000000}
    // We count the total of money on the first load of the component
    useEffect(() => {
        // 'total' is the previous state value
        Object.keys(people).map(name => setTotal(total => total + people[name].money));
    }, []);
        <div>The total amount of money is {total} $.</div>

export default totalMoney;

You can set new state by using the previous value.


Think if it's worth it to set the state so many times. On this example, instead of using a map(), you could use reduce() and increase the efficiency of the code.


useEffect(() => {
    // Reduce function returns a single value as a result of operating with an array 
    let total = Object.values(people).reduce((acc, {money}) => acc += money, 0);
    // On the previous example, you set the state 3 times, here you only set it once
}, []);

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