The voice

At some point in between graduation and your second job, a voice tells you that you need to accept life as it is: get a job, work 9-5, get married, have kids, retire, die.

You begin to see your dreams from your twenties as Santa Claus when you grew up as a child. Delusional is the word, I guess.

Some questions.

  • Is it in the early thirties when adults become so boring?
  • How will your 16 or 18 years old self see you now?
  • Would that kid be proud of you?

Yes, kind of disappointed, and probably not. You became what you considered a loser when you were young. Mediocre job, living with your parents, no car, no house, no wife.

Why were you full of energy (and hope) in your twenties and now you seem to have lost it all. At what point did everything fade away?

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