Too professional

I normally skip videos on YouTube that look too professional. If I like YouTube it's because I want to relate to people like me. I don't want to see professional travelers showing me fancy hotels (I will probably never be on those). I don't want professional YouTubers to show me expensive tech equipment that is impossible for me to buy.

Moreover, I don't trust them. I don't trust the guy with the perfect edited videos telling me what is the best item for me to buy. If you live from your channel; you are being sponsored and paid to say the things you are saying. You aren't being genuine. Thus, your opinion isn't valuable anymore.

On the contrary, the amateur filming shitty videos with his smartphone is what I'm looking for. If I think that I could have done that video and I could have said the same words as him, I've found a new channel to follow. The conclusion is that smaller channels are trustworthy; when everything looks amateur and there is minimal editing.

There is something attractive about amateurs.

For example, let's talk about the new Joe Rogan's studio. The old studio felt like an amateur one (it wasn't but it looked like). Joe Rogan has been independent for so many years and there was beauty in that. He once said say that money doesn't matter after you have covered your expenses. So, is it worth it to sell your independence for 100M $?

The best asset that he had, the credibility, has been sold for 100M $. Obviously Joe Rogan was a professional before the big paycheck, but he didn't rely on third parties to run his business. He remained kind of an amateur: he smoke weed in the studio, drank whisky, said whatever he wanted... Now he has another partner with him in the same studio. And the swedish guy looks too professional.

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