Traveling without restrictions

Who the hell invented visas and passports?

There is nothing more obnoxious than paperwork. Today it feels like normal that, to travel or live in another country, you need to spend hours and hours doing pointless paperwork and spending precious money and time in bullshit immigration offices.

Why people can't move freely through the world? We all agree that there are different countries, languages, and cultures, but the world hasn't an owner. It's OUR world (yes, it's YOUR world as much as MINE). We all have built it together. What's wrong with people moving around without having the authorization of the government?

Imagine if the internet was like that. What a horrendous place would be if you needed some kind of authorization to visit a website from, let's say, Finland or Zimbabwe, or wherever you aren't living in.

Why people are afraid of other people who speak and eat differently? If passports and visas didn't exist, immigrants would have it so difficult to get through another country anyway. Every foreigner starts the race 100 meters behind natives: no contacts, weird accent, different culture. Why make it even more complicated for them?

Sharing culture, trading, exporting, and importing is what makes us as rich as we are today. How much faster could we be running if we could move around freely?

As the world is becoming more remote, it's time to rethink the model of visas and passports. The Schengen Agreement should become a global and common thing; like the bitcoin or an eSIM with worldwide roaming.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.