How to get user identification number in React

To get a user identification number when it accesses to a website, you can use the fingerprintjs package. It will detect a browser with an accuracy of 94%.

The identification number will remain constant if the user accesses to the web using the same browser 94/100 times.

No cookies are stored to identify the browser.


npm i --save fingerprintjs


import React, { useEffect, useState }   from 'react';
import Fingerprint                      from 'fingerprintjs';

const App = () => {

    const [uid, setUid] = useState(null);

    useEffect ( () => {
        let fingerprint = new Fingerprint().get();
    }, []);

    return (
        <div>This is the identificator of the user: {uid}</div>


export default App;

This package is useful in many cases, for example, to control whether a user is recurrent or not, to create custom content to recurrent users or to prevent to show content if they aren't logged in.

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