Whatever comes, just don't stop

Feel your gut. Quit when you feel something is not going anywhere. Stick when your heart tells you to do so.

Your gut knows that sometimes you need to keep going: the last repetition on the gym, the last kilometer running, another post, one commit more.

Embrace the moment when it begins to hurt. When your body tries so hard to stop, and your mind knows that you need to continue. Keep going, no matter what. No matter the results, the outcome doesn't matter, keep going.

Don't hustle. This is not an article in favor of it. Hustling will make you burn out, and you don't want to quit. This is a reminder to keep going. Rest when you are tired, but keep moving afterward. Even if you need to slow down, please never stop. Do something small every day.

This week has been so strange. Another project died. There are only four left (and probably another one will die in the coming days).

Surprisingly, two projects are growing. It makes me see some light in the darkness.

Hi, I'm Erik, an engineer from Barcelona. If you like the post or have any comments, say hi.